1. The moment of conclusion of the contract of the sale

The contract between you and us shall be deemed to have been entered from the moment you make the shopping cart in the e-shop,

you put a check mark "I agree to terms and conditions" and click "Buy"


2. You commit

You must accept the ordered goods and pay for the agreed amount. If information in your registration form changes

you must update it immediately. You agree to these by using the e-shop

and you must abide by them.



3. Our Rights

We may temporarily or permanently discontinue the operation of the e-shop in the event of serious circumstances without notifying you. We may change the terms of these terms and conditions unilaterally.




4. We commit

To create all conditions for you to properly use the services provided by the e-shop.

Deliver the goods ordered by you to the address you specify and within the agreed delivery period.




5. Delivery of goods

The goods are delivered by us or our authorized representative.

You must check the condition of the shipment with us or our authorized representative at the time of delivery. When you sign the invoice, the shipment is considered to have been delivered.

If you notice a violation of the Consignment, you must mark it on the Waybill and write down a free-form violation of the Consignment

act. If you sign the Bill of Lading without comment, the Shipment is considered to have been delivered in good order.





6. Returning of goods

The return of the items takes place in accordance with 2001. June 29 Order of the Minister of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania Nr. 217

"Approval of Rules for Return and Exchange of Items".

The returned item must be fully assembled. You are responsible for completing and packing the item.

 If the item is not fully assembled and properly packaged, we or our representative will not accept the item for return.

The item must be returned in the package in which it was delivered. The goods must be undamaged, clean, properly prepared and packaged.

You are responsible for returning the goods and its shipping, unless the goods are returned due to defective quality.

When a defective product is returned, we undertake to pick up the defective product and replace it with an equivalent product.

In the event that we do not have a similar item, we will refund the money paid for the item.





7. Liability

You are solely responsible for the accuracy of the information provided in the registration form. If you do not provide accurate data in the registration form, we are not responsible for any resulting effects.

You are responsible for the actions taken in the use of the e-shop.





8. Sending Information

We send all announcements related to the purchase of goods, promotions and news to

the email address you provided us.

You send all notifications and questions to mk@oks.lt




9. Final provisions

These rules are governed by the law of the Republic of Lithuania. Any disagreement arising out of the implementation of these rules shall be resolved by negotiation.

 In the event of disagreement, the disagreements shall be resolved in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.

Payment methods

For your convenience, we provide the ability to pay for your purchases in the following ways:

1. Payment by bank transfer (prepay)

2. Payment at the shop (Address: Lakūnų g. 30 Vilnius)

3.Payment via PayPal.

1. If you have selected the "Bank transfer payment" payment method, the goods ordered are then selected

an invoice will be sent for prepayment to the email you specify. After bill payment, upon receipt of payment

For confirmation we will ship the goods to the address you specify. You will receive your goods within 2-5 days.

2. If you have selected "In-Store Payments" as soon as you have confirmed your order

You will receive a confirmation of your order and an invoice for access. You will have to pay for the goods at the store,

when picking up goods in the store.

2. If you have selected "PayPal" as your payment method after receiving a payment confirmation from PayPal

as soon as you receive an order confirmation and an invoice for access. The goods will be shipped the nearest

weekday until 3pm.

Shipping Prices

The shipping cost is calculated automatically when the items are selected and displayed when there is at least one item in the cart. If you would like to ship to other countries, we recommend that you send us your request electronically

by email to ak@oks.lt

For delivery to the Curonian Spit on 05.01 - 09.30 additional charge 40 Eur, on 10.01 - 04.30 32 Eur

additional fee.

The receipt of goods

When accepting the delivered goods, check the condition of the consignment and sign it on the invoice (delivery note) or

on another document of delivery and receipt of the consignment. The signed document is proof that the wares were delivered to you in a good condition

Returning the goods

When the buyer refuses to accept delivery of the item, he must pay the return shipping cost to us

Terms of Use Product Warranty

All Samurai manufacturer goods are given 1 year warranty.