Over 100 years in the making.

Manufacturer Kanzawa Seiko has produced cutting tools in Japan for over 100 years. The main focus of the company has always been in producing technically advanced products at the highest standards possible.

About visible and invisible Samurai saw qualities, why are these saws so sharp and why is it so easy to cut with them.

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Samurai® produce two types of blades A and B.


A- set teeth blades. These are traditional wood saws that have their teeth bent out or set so that only the teeth touch the wood. This provides less friction between the wood and the side of the blade. This type of blade is also known as "Heavy Duty" for long lasting & durable  saws.

B - Taper Ground Blades. These blades are precision ground so that there is an even taper from the teeth to the back of the blade which allows the blade to be thinner than a set tooth blade. A thinner blade cuts faster and easier. 

Both type of blades have their teeth set outside so only the teeth touch the wood reducing friction thus making it easier to cut.

Razor Sharp Teeth. The legendary sharpness of Samurai saws is achieved by using a whetstone, which produces razor sharp edges on the cutting teeth. Blades are also chrome plated to give a polished smooth finish, which vastly reduces friction during cutting. Chrome plating prevents rust and protects the blade from sap and resin.

Impulse hardened teeth. Permanently filed teeth have been subjected to precision controlled electronic impulses (impulse hardening); which hardens only the cutting edge of each individual tooth, making sure the razor sharp cutting edge stays sharp cut after cut. Typically an impulse hardened blade will last three times longer than a conventional none impulse hardened blade.


Choosing the

right saw

Tooth Spacing


To cut Dry and  hard wood as well as thin branches we recomend using a saw with a tooth spacing of 2,5 mm. These saws are marked by the letters SH (for example GSF-210 SH).


Samurai saws with the spacing of 3 mm. are considered universal. We recomend these saws for people who want a saw for every kind of wood-work task. Universal saws have letters MH attached to the protuct code (for example GCM- 300- MH).


To cut live and soft-wood  we recomend saws that have tooth spacing of 4 mm. This way the cut will be fast and efficient and clean. These saws are marked with the letters LH  (for example GC-270-LH).


Saws that have a combination tooth pattern from 3mm to 4 mm are a good choice for tree pruning. The varying tooth spacing allows you to easily adapt to cutting different sized branches or different hardness of wood. These saws are marked with letters LMH (for example GCW-300-LMH)

Straight & Curved Saws


Saws with a curved blade are best used when cutting above shoulder height. This makes them an ideal tool for tree pruning.


Saws with a straight blade can be used in any position but are best used when cutting bellow shoulder height. The straight blade allows for a more precise cut.



Over the past century, Kanzawa has kept its tradition and reliability for four generations
and continues to create professional tools that satisfy craftsmen around the world.

The tradition was started in Miki, well known as one of the oldest town of blacksmiths in Japan,
by the founder Kanzawa Daikichi who was born to a blacksmith family.
In 1895 he gathered a group of craftsmen to start ‘KANZAWA WORKS’ and began producing original saws
and pruning scissors as well as drills and agricultural machinery.

From 1950 onward it started exporting tools. Kanzawa became one of the few export tool manufacturers in Japan
for manufacturing and distributing craftsman tools for the biggest tool manufacturer in the USA. Circle cutter,
Expansive Bit and Punches were introduced and the know-how has become regarded as ‘Kanzawa Original’ around the world.

Many long seller items have since been introduced and became standard worldwide,
getting support of craftsmen from home and abroad and especially from Europe.
Kanzawa has so far received numerous patents and design awards for original Kanzawa products.

Availability of similar products in the world goes to show that ‘Kanzawa Original’ has been recognized.
Since 2000, we continue to pursue for quality, material and precision of these lasting long sellers
and at the same time propose new modern professional tools.
Today Kanzawa Original carry on the soul of craftsmen.

As an official retailer it is our mission to bring these quality tools to you for competitive prices. We strive for a great customer

experience so you can be confident in buying for us. We will make sure you get your tools as soon as possible. 

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